Donald Trump: "Cuban regime wants to cut a deal because they’re desperate"

In an exclusive interview with CiberCuba, the US president reiterated his commitment to Cuba and the Cuban-American community in South Florida, and announced that he will apply much more severe measures against the castro regime.

Donald Trump, en la recta final de su campaña electoral. © Trump 2020/ Douglas Coulter
Donald Trump, en la recta final de su campaña electoral. Foto © Trump 2020/ Douglas Coulter

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President Donald Trump told CiberCuba that the regime wants to reach an agreement with the United States due to the impact of the sanctions imposed by his administration, but warned that he will not sit down to negotiate if the Cuban government does not show the will to make concessions.

CiberCuba: Your administration has applied the strongest sanctions to Cuba in just three years to tighten the trade embargo. What other sanctions will you apply if you are re-elected

Donald Trump: I took the strongest actions ever against the Cuban dictatorship and cancelled Joe Biden and Barack Obama’s disastrous Cuba deal that sent millions to the Castro dictatorship and did absolutely nothing to help the Cuban people. Biden’s policy toward Cuba was not just an insult to the people of Cuba, he betrayed the GREAT Cuban American community. We can’t allow that.

Cuban Americans are my friends. You have built a beautiful city in Miami and I am proud to have so many Cuban American supporters. I can tell you that we are looking very closely at more sanctions that are very, very strong. The Castro regime won’t know what hit them --believe me.

Over the next four years, we will continue punishing the Castro for the horrible way they treat their people. Joe Biden won’t do it because he’s a weak and diminished man. The Castro are thugs, ruthless murderers and thieves. You need to be very tough with them and Joe Biden doesn’t even know where he’s standing.

Biden has always been very, very weak on socialism. In the Senate, Biden voted FIVE TIMES to cut funding to the Nicaraguan Contras who were desperately trying to liberate their country from Daniel Ortega. Puerto Rico had a strong pharmaceutical industry — Joe Biden voted to send it to Communist China and destroyed their economy. He kneeled before the Castros and complimented Nicolás Maduro while he was murdering his own people.

Now he’s accepting the endorsements of socialists all across Latin America --like Colombia’s Gustavo Petro-- and the Venezuelan dictatorship just came out and supported him. The reason why socialists and communists like Joe Biden so much is because they know he’s weak and they can get him to do whatever they want.

So long as I am President, America will NEVER be a socialist country! We need to defeat socialism and communism. I will not allow the United States of America to go down the road of Cuba and Venezuela, which is where Joe Biden’s radical agenda would take us.

CiberCuba: The majority of the Cuban American community is supporting your re-election. Why do you think they support you?

Donald Trump: We’re doing great with Cubans and all Hispanics because unlike Joe Biden, who has betrayed Cubans and all Latinos, I have stood by them.

I’ve kept my promises to Cuban Americans. When I said that I would terminate Joe Biden and Barack Obama’s weak deal with Cuba, I did it, and we hit the Castro dictatorship very, very hard. Joe Biden would be a disaster for Cuba and Cuban Americans. Biden wants to surrender again to the Castros, just like he surrendered to Ortega and Maduro, and the Cuban people know that. They’re very smart.

Cubans have also experienced socialism and do not like what they’re seeing in the Democrat Party. What has happened to them? They used to be more normal. Now they’re controlled by Fidel Castro-loving socialists like Crazy Bernie Sanders, AOC and Karen Bass the communist. These people want to turn America into Cuba or Venezuela and we can’t allow that.

Biden’s radical socialist agenda includes a $4 trillion tax increase that would plunge the country into a depression the likes of which we’ve never seen. He wants taxpayer-funded abortions of babies up until the point of birth in the ninth month of a pregnancy. That’s horrible! And Joe Biden even wants to cut police funding and attack charter schools. We can’t allow this in our Country.

Over the next four years, I will create 10 million jobs, eradicate the China virus, and provide every family with school choice. Hispanic Americans know that I built the greatest economy our country has ever seen and that I delivered the lowest poverty rate and highest income levels ever for Latinos before the global pandemic, and that I am doing it again.

If I don’t sound like a politician because I’m not one. I’m an outsider. Joe Biden is the ultimate corrupt Washington politician.

When I say that America will NEVER be a socialist or a communist country, Cuban Americans know that I mean it and will never allow that to happen. We need to be very, very strong against socialism and I’m fighting to save our Country.

I had a great life before I entered politics. I’m doing this because I love our Country and the Cuban American community understands that because they’re great patriots. Incredible people.

CiberCuba: You have announced a patriotic education plan to combat Marxist influence in the school system and critical views of America. Aren't you afraid that this will become a mechanism for censoring ideas in the public education system?

Donald Trump: The ones who are censoring and attacking Americans for their political views and trying to destroy the lives of good people is the Radical Left. Look at what the Democrats tried to do to Goya and to my supporters! They called for Goya boycotts because the company’s CEO made a positive comment about my Administration’s work to uplift Hispanics. It’s crazy!

I love freedom of speech, but we cannot allow taxpayer dollars to be used to indoctrinate our children with Marxism to hate our Country, our flag, and to be ashamed of our history. This isn’t Cuba or Venezuela! That is why I have launched the Patriotic Education Commission.

I want to restore patriotic education in our classrooms that teaches young people to love America and learn the true history of our great Nation.

CiberCuba: Democratic opponent's campaign insists that you are a racist and that is a powerful reason to get you out of the White House. How do you respond to this accusation

Donald Trump: I have always denounced white supremacy, and all forms of racism and hatred, including socialism and communism. Unlike Joe Biden, I’ve delivered very strong results for Blacks and Hispanics: Millions of jobs, record low unemployment, record high home ownership rates, better school choices and the lowest poverty levels ever for minorities.

Joe Biden spent 47 years in Washington and now is when he’s saying he’ll do something for Blacks and Latinos. His policies incarcerated millions of African Americans and Latinos, which is why I enacted criminal justice reform to give people who’ve made mistakes a second chance. Joe Biden is the one who has praised segregationists, eulogized a Ku Klux Klan leader and insulted Black Americans.

Biden should apologize to Blacks and Hispanics for what he’s done to them, but he won’t because he’s a corrupt typical politician. I will always fight for justice and equality.

CiberCuba: You have been able to sit down at the negotiating table with a dictator like Kim Jong-un. Would you sit down to resolve your differences with Cuba in the same way

Donald Trump: Cuba wants to cut a deal because they’re desperate. We’re hitting the Castro dictatorship very hard. We have to see what concessions the Cuban governments is willing to make before we even talk about sitting down with Cuba.

What I will not do is what Joe Biden and Barack Obama did, which was a total disgrace, and that is to give the Castros and their families MILLIONS of dollars in return for NOTHING. The Castros are very, very rich, but the Cuban people got absolutely NOTHING in return for Joe Biden’s weak and pathetic one-sided deal with them. That was very unfair.

Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s already promising to lift sanctions on the Cuban dictatorship without asking for anything in return. He is incompetent and corrupt. Cuban Americans know this, and all Americans know this. We need to be strong with the Cuban regime. The only one who doesn’t understand this is Joe Biden because he’s not very bright.

What the Castros have done to Cuba, which was once a thriving country, is a crime. It is absolutely horrible. I know how much my great friends in the Cuban American community have suffered under the Castro dictatorship. That regime must pay for what they’ve done. We need justice for the Cuban people and I will continue to fight for it.

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